Planning and Intention


Most planning systems have some pretty glaring pitfalls: They assume what you should value. They fail to help you manage large, long-term projects. They offer trite advice on how to live your life.

I have created this new planning system because I desperately needed a better method for finding my way through life. I needed a guide that would help me connect with my own values and priorities, lay out my dreams and ideas, and then pursue something that would bring me satisfaction. Nothing on the market walks you through all of these steps. Rather, they assume that you know what your goals are, or that you want to work on one of their preselected goals. I hope that with the Path to Victory Planning System, you will be able to eliminate much of the noise in your life telling you what you should do so that you can focus wholly on what you need and want to do to live your best life. Your journey is unique and you deserve to have an equally unique planning system.

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