2019 Calendar Is Ready!

Every year, I make a calendar in Excel. I have it set up so that I can enter information on the giant year calendar and then the monthly calendars all automatically populate. All of the holidays that stay on the same date never have to be changed: Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. are all right there every year, no need to re-enter. Other things shift, such as those pesky Monday holidays and Thanksgiving, so I move them to their proper dates each year. I also update the weekday columns. One annoying aspect is that when I move a cell, the month calendar then displays 0. I have to copy and paste a cell that is not displaying 0 to replace the invisible character so that the corresponding box on the month calendar stays blank. I just do this last with all of the empty cells, which is easier than searching for the miscellaneous holes. I hope you enjoy setting up your own calendar using one of the files attached on the Planning page.

I wish you a peaceful and prosperous year!

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