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Semper Ferians is the company and creator of www.semperferians.com. Users are anyone visiting the website. Contacts have submitted an inquiry using the Contact Us form. Subscribers have signed up for monthly email Newsletters. Members have joined the website and can post in the Forums. Paying Members are Members who have purchased access to restricted sections of the website.

Acceptance of Terms

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Privacy Policy

Personal information of Contacts, Subscribers, and Members will be used and stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy


Members agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. Members who do not abide by the Code of Conduct may have their account deleted and be banned from using this website and its forums. Member accounts that have not been accessed for more than one calendar year may be deleted. Paying Member accounts will only be deleted for gross misconduct. Paying Members will revert to Members if they do not pay, and their account may be deleted if it is not accessed for more than one calendar year following the date of reversion. Members are free to delete their own accounts at any time. We are not liable for any personal loss resulting from a deleted account.


Restricted Areas of the website can only be accessed by Members who have paid the corresponding fee(s). Restricted Areas may have separate fees, and access to each will be granted independently. That is, a Paying Member may have purchased access to one Restricted Area only, in which case they will only have access to that Restricted Area. Purchasing access to additional Restricted Areas requires additional payment of the relevant fees.

Access to each Restricted Area will be granted to each Paying Member for one calendar year following the receipt of payment. Access will be suspended on the payment anniversary date if the annual fee is not paid. Any data associated with suspended access will be retained for one calendar year, after which time it may be deleted. Access will be reinstated for another calendar year upon receipt of payment. Additional years will be counted from the previous anniversary date or the date of payment, whichever is later.


Payments are not recurring. Fee amounts may change from year to year.

We do not refund purchases for any reason. Other refunds (for instance, in the case of a bank error) are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Semper Ferians does not store payment information, as payments are processed by third party providers. They will have their own Terms of Use and Privacy Policy separate from those for Semper Ferians. We are not liable for any losses resulting from the use of their services.

Sales tax is charged for Texas residents only using the rate applicable in Harris County.

Limited Liability

Semper Ferians is not liable for any damages incurred from the use of our website, including but not limited to personal injury, property loss, or data corruption. Users are expected to follow standard safety precautions when trying out activities presented on the website and are solely responsible for the outcomes. We are not liable for any consequences stemming from lifestyle, career, or financial decisions made by Users as a result of advice offered on our website. Users take sole responsibility for the outcomes of their decisions and actions.

We are not liable for any content posted by Members in the Forums. If a Member is not abiding by the Code of Conduct, please Contact Us immediately so that we can moderate the situation and take any necessary action, including removing offensive content or banning disruptive participants. If someone has posted your content without permission, please notify us of the copyright infringement and we will remove the stolen content as soon as possible.

This website is offered on an As Is and As Available basis. There is no guarantee of access at any time.

Intellectual Property

Semper Ferians and Path to Victory are common law trademarks in the state of Texas, USA.

Images are Wix stock photographs, illustrations, and icons, unless otherwise indicated. Images that are the property of Semper Ferians will be clearly indicated, and these images shall not be distributed without proper attribution to their creator, Semper Ferians. 

All written material on this website is copyrighted and may not be reproduced, sold, or distributed without the written consent of Semper Ferians. If you would like to share things externally, please provide a link to the page of interest.

Content posted in the Forums can be used by Semper Ferians for any purpose. For example, a recipe posted by a Member may be rewritten and presented in the main website content, or Member posts may be included in marketing material. Some Forum Categories can be viewed publicly, and Semper Ferians is not liable for any damages resulting from Members posting personal information in these areas.

Outside Content

Semper Ferians holds no affiliate status with any brand, website, or product mentioned within this website. Links to outside content are not an endorsement of that content and there is no guarantee regarding the veracity, usability, or safety of outside content. We receive no compensation when you purchase items or services outside of www.semperferians.com.


Semper Ferians reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time for any reason. We will alert Subscribers and Members of any changes via email. Changes become effective 30 days after notice is sent.